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Muslim Women's Helpline

Muslim women suffer from a range of problems. 

The helpline is a national specialist faith and culturally sensitive service that is confidential and non-judgmental, which offers information, support, guidance and referrals.  We also provide holistic in depth support via case-workers for complex cases where service users need ongoing support which could last weeks or months.  The helpline also acts as an interface or conduit between the victims and other specialist that can also provide support. Although, our service users are primarily Muslim women and girls, we also provide support to men (5% of callers) and to women of other faiths and no faith (e.g. 4%).

Area serviced:
0800 999 5786
Opening times:
Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm

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Information as a concept has many meanings, from everyday usage to technical settings. The concept of information is closely related to notions of constraint, communication, control, data, , instruction, knowledge, meaning, mental stimulus, pattern, perception, and representation
A helpline was originally a telephone service which offers help to those that call. Many helpline services now offer more than telephone support - offering access to information, advice or customer service via telephone, email, web or SMS.