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Discretionary Crisis Fund (DCF)

The Discretionary Crisis Fund is the name for a sum of money we can access as a last resort to help Rochdale borough residents who find themselves in a crisis.

You can't receive a cash payment from the fund. If you receive help, it will be in the form of goods.

You can apply for an award from the Discretionary Crisis Fund online.

Revenues and Benefits service, P.O.Box 490, Rochdale, OL16 9AJ
Umbrella org:
Rochdale Borough Council
Area serviced:
Rochdale Borough residents only
0300 303 8870
Opening times:
Monday–Friday 8.30am–5.30pm; Closed for training Monday 11am–11.30am
How to apply:
Apply online or telephone direct

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Something that promotes or enhances well-being. A payment made or an entitlement available in accordance with a wage agreement, an insurance policy, or a public assistance program.
An emergency contact is usually needed, in case of an incident occuring.