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Brentwood Middleton Day Centre

We're here to support you, the people of the Middleton community! We can help with all your welfare rights and needs, homelessness issues and much more here at our community centre in Middleton.

PIP Forms and Limited Capability for Work Forms
Universal Credit Applications
Housing Benefit & Council Tax Support Applications
Help with Debt Issues
Housing Application Forms & Housing Issues

115 Long Street, Middleton, M24 6DL
0161 655 4062
Opening times:
See website
Who is it for:
Homeless, or in danger of becoming homeless

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Subject Definitions

Something that promotes or enhances well-being. A payment made or an entitlement available in accordance with a wage agreement, an insurance policy, or a public assistance program.
Help, support and guidance for people who are wanting to reach out for extra support within the community.
An emergency contact is usually needed, in case of an incident occuring.
Being homeless means more than not having a roof over your head. You are also considered to be homeless if you do not have a right to stay where you are living or if your home is not suitable for your needs.